Dir. Leticia V. Damasco Profile

Director Leticia V. Damasco

Age:  68

Date of first appointment:  13 June 2017


Master of Arts in Psychology from the Philippine Statesman College, Cabanatuan City, Graduated 1996 
Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Philippine Women’s University in 1971

Relevant experience:

Prior to joining the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), Director Damasco was then a college instructor at the Manuel V. Gallego Foundation Colleges from 1973 to 1981. She served more than three (3) decades at LBP from November 1981 to October 2013. From a Chief of Division, she was promoted and held several positions such as Bank Executive Officer, Assistant Manager and Department Manager, in charge of the over-all supervision of branch operations and staff.

Director Damasco was also an in-house speaker/ trainor of various programs of Land Bank. 

Other directorships of listed companies:  n.a.